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May 20, 2016


You can tell me all
about the battles you lost
and about the monsters,
who hurt you the most

they didn't have my eyes,
they only saw a broken part
they saw beauty not passion,
or the innocence of your heart

You are a perfect song,
a poem as beautiful as today,
and trust me, the last thing
you need is to be fixed away.

I still despise that you 
foolishly let them in
and in the heartache 
think that you are broken.

July 22, 2014


When the old gods will return
to judge you for all your sins,
You will beg for some mercy,
but laughing, I will say NO!

Standing at the altar of justice,
I will search for you in the crowd,
and your resigned, crushed spirit
will be my eternal victory.

When all of your lies and excuses
will become your shackles,
and your failures will drag your soul
I will ask you why don't you laugh?

And when you will be cast in hell,
your fake gods nowhere to be found.
when the last of your mask has burnt away
Your true face will be my reward.

March 24, 2014


Alone they stand
on this forsaken land
hands clasped together
as if in prayer

Up in the sky, the angels
cry when they see the pain
and each tear drop that falls,
that blissful rain

yet, when the earth is green
and faith & hope abound
that this thirst couldn't be quenched,
is what they all found.